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1993 Washington State Encounter

This is another fascinating encounter sent to us by an Instagram follower...

Curt writes:

"I was 12 years old at this time, living at the end of Harmon Rd in Napavine, Washington. It was a dead end road with a cul de sac just before the dead end making a 90 deg. Past the cul de sac there was just nothing but miles and miles of forest land.

I had a best friend that lived at the end of that cul de sac named Nathan Mitchell. We were the same age and went to the same school. By this time I've only lived in Washington for 2.5 yrs. The prior address was in Winkock, Wa. We only lived there a year right out of California. While at the Winkock house, my brother and I found giant nests and what could only be described as primitive shelters in the woods. I also had an encounter with ET beings at the Winkock house.

So, today was a day with slight anxiety for myself as I woke up to see it was a snow day and we wouldn't have school. This meant Nate would grab his little dog and we would hit the woods for hunting rabbit or squirrel. I got nervous in the Washington woods with what I've already experienced. Those woods are charged with energy .

Nate had his dog and gun ready and so did I. We went over the back fence and towards the tree line like we did every time. This time the snow was deeper than normal, about 18inch. His little miniature weiner dog was super excited this day for some reason. Hauling ass one way, then another. We weren't even in the woods her. Then she'd stop and sniff and hold still. Then dart around again.

We made it to the tree line and made a decision to go a new direction. To a new area we were certain no person would have been for-maybe-ever. Like I tried to imply, there's not shit out there. Oddly, we spotted what seemed to be a makeshift road. We came up to it and looked back at the direction it came from. Followed it a bit and noticed it came from the dead end of Harmon Road.  We then followed it back to the woods. It went about half a mile and stopped in the woods. Right off the dead end of the makeshift road was a large pile covered with a very large black tarp. Super fucking weird, nobody has been this way. We would see them since we live at the end of this rural road. We were slightly sketched out and were too nervous to peek under the tarp. We moved on as Nate's dog took off deeper into the woods. Nate called her Lucy. So we hollered for Lucy to come back. She was really kicking up feet and hauling ass. Both of us armed with our Winchester semi-auto 22s, ran from hill to hill chasing his dog under this thick forest canopy. Once you get that far, it's often open and mostly clear of brush. I was ahead of Nate by about one hilltop length. I thought I heard us close in on the dog as I created the next hill. As my eyes focused and I saw her yapping at the base of this huge tree and behind it. I looked and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I kept trying to make sense of it. I kept wanting to think I'm looking at this big fucking bear, but it clear as day was not. Nate reached me just seconds after I had froze in fear and stared.  He looked at me puzzled and asked me, "What?". He looked and I saw his face change as I glanced at him, as if I were asking confirmation on what I was seeing.

Not many would believe a "bigfoot" story. Much less one that implies that one tried to telepathically tried to communicate. And to this day I still believe it did. I was too scared and so was Nate. We both turned and ran in the direction of his house. We just left the damn dog.

We ran all the way back to the end of the makeshift road and mystery pile,  which now was even creepier. We quickly noticed a baby blue car coming down the road. What the hell was going on?! Never have we seen a car come down this way. And never a squatch.  Now on the same day. It pulled up to use. It was a very long 70s two door sled. The driver had aviators on and a brown leather jacket. Rolled down the passenger window and asked us what we were doing there? We replied just hunting in the woods. He asked if we messed with the tarp or saw anything weird? Shook our heads no and out of the blue he pulls a pistol from the glove box. We took off again. He followed us a long the road as we ran through the 18 in of snow. We saw him pace us so we dropped into the snow at the same time to lose him. We waited 20 min and he was gone.

We made it home to tell his mom about the man and the gun, but we told nobody of the pile and sasquatch. Our dads came home when they heard and searched for the man all over the county.

I stayed the night at his house that night. During that night, we went outside to cook Smores and watch the sky. There was a lot of shooting stars that night. During that time, a large shiny metal disc craft came over us and stopped over us. Paused, then slowly drifted off. Then, in a flash, gone.

This is the same area crop circles started in Washington. I've seen some of them and even witnessed objects in the sky repeatedly as we lived in Washington. It actually was common to see them.

Many more things out of the ordinary happened as we lived there. Even events including a missing botanist on the other side of the hill in the Centralia Alpha area where small weapons where found in the last known locations of the botanist. I only got to hear because I was in the civil air patrol at the time.

Active area. Can't make this shit up. Thanks for your time. Happy to answer any questions."

We're very thankful Curt felt safe sharing this story. We're working on scheduling an audio recording, to discuss this encounter further with him as we prepare to fully launch the Squatch Me Now podcast. Stay Tuned! If you have a story we'd love to talk to you!

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