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Beacon Bigfoot Pt.2

So yesterday we posted the first video from YouTube account "Randal Hart"

if you haven't seen it please refer to our previous post. Here we have the second video purportedly from November 16, 2013 "Bigfoot Carrying Chicken". This video also shows two "creatures" this time one "tree peaking" and another running with a dead chicken. Ironically the grey-ish colored creature doing the "tree peeking" looks very similar to that seen in the recent controversial Salt Fork State Park video. The next video is a closer look at "Bigfoot Carrying Chicken" zoomed and slowed.

The third video is an interesting twist on this story. A documentary (mockumentary?) on the Beacon Bigfoot produced in 2014/2015 by Mars English the teenage son of a local Beacon artist named Ron English who certainly has produced similar looking suits, though under closer scrutiny they don't perfectly match up. The documentary(?) also includes an "interview" with the man who supposedly filmed the original Beacon Bigfoot video. A reverse image search for photos of his wife(?) "Randal Hart" brought up little other than an inactive Twitter account and a blog that is suspicious at best

So what are we to take from all of this? Well obviously the evidence is leaning towards a hoax and to the hoaxers we say, well played. This is much more sophisticated than many we see. Several followers on social media were almost angered by the posting of the original BB video, but if we don't dig in and research these videos (even the hoaxes) how will we differentiate real from fake? Many viewers immediately said the BB video was a hoax without taking any prolonged look into the video. Why? The primary argument being that "that's not what Bigfoot looks like"or "body proportions are too human". Those with that attitude need to broaden their perspective. Whether these BB videos are hoaxes or not, debunking based purely on biometrics is short sighted. Sightings from areas in the Northeast often describe creatures that are more like a Neanderthal or other archaic humans. Likely "Bigfoot" is composed of a wide range of relict hominids and other ancient ape populations that have continued to hybridize as well as incur regional adaptations. They also MUST exist in two different sexes and are witnessed in various stages of life.

"Bigfoot" is a bigger idea than most are willing to entertain. The scope of this phenomenon is massive. You can't fit "Bigfoot" in a small box. We need to constantly question our understanding, and keep our minds open to the idea that these creatures exist in a variety of forms across the planet. When amateur "experts" immediately dismiss photos/video based on a singular idea of what "Bigfoot" should look like, without further inquiry, they exclude what could be quality evidence and ostracize viable witnesses with experiences outside of their narrow scope of this subject.

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