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Campground Sighting and Tracks in British Columbia

Nate Sandulac of British Columbia shares his story and track photos:

My wife and I had this encounter 4 years ago now and actually wrote in to the Bigfoot society of B.C. or Canada...I forget which one it was, and they never replied. We were a little let down to be honest as we were always skeptics before but full on believe in it now; there’s no way we can’t believe in it. 

It was at the Homesite Creek Campground in Sechelt, BC 

A very long story short, we heard knocking in the woods on the first night, I knew exactly what it was as I have been obsessed with Sasquatch since I was young and I knew the area was hot for sightings.

The next morning some campers about 50 meters away saw one cross the logging road when they were coming home from working a night shift at a local mill in sechelt.

The second night we literally shot straight up in our tent at 12:30, just after midnight, to an extremely loud “whhhooooooooop!” Right outside of our tent. I’m getting goosebumps just typing this.

We seen a flashlight dart through our tent and that those same fellow campers say “there it is!” We heard crazy loud bounding through the thick brush and ravine behind our tent , totally impassable by is as it was all fallen timbers.

The next morning I was approached by those campers and they told me it was right behind our tent. We took a look around and found 5 huge prints, spread about 6 feet apart in the sand of the ravine.

There was a Bigfoot researcher from Belgium there as well. He said he comes out every summer for a few weeks in hopes of documenting something. He set up all the measuring points and was photographing and sketching the prints all day. He said this was the closest encounter opportunity he’s ever had. Pretty wild. 

Another thing that kind of solidified it for me, was that my dog would not leave the tent the next morning. He was absolutely scared shitless, yes, the day before when we were there he was running around and totally happy. 

I don’t want to toot my own story’s horn, but I genuinely think this is one of the more solid and convincing prints out there. If you look at it closely and imagine how your bare foot would hit the sand, it lands perfectly. All the pressure spots are the same and obviously the size of it hasn’t been mimicked by a human foot. That’s my hand next to it. I’m 5’11” 180 lbs.

The sand was also extremely compact there. So it would take a lot of weight to make that impact. We were there the day before playing with our dogs and the prints weren’t there.

It’s crazy even rethinking about it.

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