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North Carolina Encounter (Dogman?)

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Back in the first few weeks of the Squatch Me Now Instagram page we received an encounter story from a woman in North Carolina who would prefer to remain anonymous. For the purpose of this blog entry we'll call her "Mary". This is her story.

Mary: It was in November. I was coming home from work. I had gotten off of I-40 exit 100 and was on Jamestown road heading west. There was another car behind me so I could see pretty well. I saw what I thought was a bear and put on my breaks the person behind me did the same. The animal had a coat that looked like reddish brown mohair and it was thick on its back. It was on all fours, but when I stopped it stood up. The car behind me turned around and sped off the other way.

It was pretty tall standing up, not as tall as people claim maybe 6ft and it had no fur on its front. It’s skin was more pink instead of the brown and black people say it is. Instead of it’s knees being like a human or ape's its knees were backwards. It put it’s paws on the hood of my car. I couldn’t tell if it had claws or not. It was dark, but real close, so I could see its face. It looked kind of like an ape, but it didn’t have a flat face like people claim. It had more of a long nose, not a snout like a bear more like a humans and it had an under bite. It was leaning in. You couldn’t see any whites in its eyes they looked all black. The top of its head didn’t have thick fur more like a balding man's. It was real thin you could see it’s bones sticking out. It sniffed the air a bit, got down, shook itself like a dog and walked off on all fours. I sped off once it was out of the way.

I was frightened seeing something so strange. You hear stories from other people but, you never really take them seriously or think it’s real until you see it yourself. Looking back I think it must of been looking for food. I never paid much attention to the stories other people told to be honest. I pay attention now though.

SMN: There is a "type" of Bigfoot witnessed that is baboon-like...would you say that would be similar to what you saw?

Mary: I guess it looked a bit like one. I’ve only ever seen pictures of baboons but it has the long nose and the bald head. What I remember most was how thin it was... It’s bones were sticking out maybe it was sick or dying. It smelled like rotting meat. Looked nothing like you see on tv depictions. It was just weird. I think it might have been female it had sagging breast if that makes a difference.

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