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The Beacon Bigfoot Pt.1

"The Beacon Bigfoot"

This video was posted on YouTube via the account with the name"Randal Hart".

The video was posted May 7, 2013 and the caption states:

"My husband filmed this by Fishkill Creek by Mount Beacon. He lost track of where it went and kept filming for about 45 minutes. He returned there a few more times with no luck."

Mount Beacon, is the highest peak of Hudson Highlands, located south of City of Beacon, New York, in the Town of Fishkill. Its two summits rise above the Hudson River behind the city and can easily be seen from Newburgh across the river and many other places in the region.

The video appears to show a hairy, human-like creature catching a fish with it's hands in the creek. The subject has reddish hair covering it's body, deep set eyes, a wide mouth, and light grey skin, all commonly described in witness reports. The walk also shows evidence of a potential midtarsal break.

We'll be doing further analysis of these images, video stabilization, etc in a future post.

For now check the slow motion video and still frames below.

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