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The Tree Man

Friday I'll be releasing podcast Ep. 2 which includes an interview with Fernando Ramirez. Fernando writes: "It was up in around or close to the Santa Cruz Mountains 5th grade camp. back in the mid-late 80’s. We were hiking up the mountains around the camp sight Camp Campbell was the area. I don’t remember how many miles we hiked from the camp.. I do recall being most of the day would say noon till 4pm or 5pm cause I remember we had lunch on top of a ridge. It was a big group through out most of the hike.. But coming down ended up in a smaller group and also the last one. It was winding trail big trees a lot of vegetation dark from the shadows that the trees were making.. Following down the trail noticed what seemed to be a tree stump we walked passed it but it was (left side) 20ft off the trail someone commented on how it had a shape like a human (kinda creepy feeling) We passsed it but we kept looking over our shoulders we must have walked 50 ft passed it but it seemed to keep up.. we (couldn’t make distance between it) maybe 25 feet behind us then. A few moments later one other kid said why was the tree man following us? our counselor turned and told us to run I did look back and it seemed like it stood up. Saw tall figure shoulder head the color was kinda like a pine trees bark (red/brown).. A large silluete I don’t know if it was a hoax but most of us pretty upset crying even the counselor.. I was like WTF happened.. Don’t really remember what was said after between the adults back at the camp grounds ..but that was the first time I heard of Bigfoot. One of the adults from the camp said that's what we probably saw a Bigfoot I’ve told this story to a few people some think is stupid. I did talked to a Native American man older guy I told him this story maybe eight yrs ago. He didn’t make fun of it he told me that his grandfather would talk about them when he was a kid and that the teenagers were told not to go out and bother them or look for them that the Forrest and the mountains belonged to them."

Hear Fernando's full story Friday night on the Squatch Me Now YouTube channel.

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