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Williamson County Ecounter

This is an anonymous story submitted by an Instagram follower from Tennessee:

"I once had a Sasquatch encounter in 2008, in Middle Tennessee about 20 miles southwest of Nashville that profoundly effected my life. So naturally I was interested in following your posts. It was January 2008, in rural Williamson County Tennessee, near Franklin where previous reports have been been recorded as early as the 1970's. I was with my wife and kids at our best friends home one night about 8.00 pm when i stepped out on the front porch for a cigarette. I noticed their Carolina Dog was extremely agitated down in the yard and

Just off the porch and she was growling and whining and fixated across the road about 75 to 80 feet where there was nothing but heavy forest on a 3000 acre private tract of land. It was pitch black out except for the yellow porch light i was standing next to. The dog grew increasingly upset and was pacing quickly back and forth while still greatly concerned with something across the road from us.. She was truly in panic mode. Hair on her back up and very nervous. All the sudden as I struggled to see something in the darkness I caught bright eye shine coming from just across the road about 7 to 8 feet up. I could clearly see the two eyes and they were changing direction as if it were looking at the dog and then back at me. It would squint its eyes and kept its place apparently staying very still while it watched us. I was terrified and couldn't believe my eyes. About this time my ex wife came to the door and poked her head and asked why was the dog barking? I told my wife to look in the direction of the eyes, and she saw them too and simply said, "oh my God, I'm not staying out here, please come inside! I said no, i cant.. i have to see this! So i turned back to watch it again, and it stayed put for about another 5 minutes before the eyes disappeared and the dog then gave chase. I screamed to the dog over and over thinking whatever it was might kill the dog if threatened.. however after about 10 minutes, the dog came home and disappeared under the porch and wouldn't come out. I was so shaken, I threw up from the experience.. It scared me me deeply even though it never was aggressive or made any attempt to come closer. My friends came out and wanted to know what happened? I told them and he went and got his rifle as a precaution if it decided to come back. About 10 minutes later something ran through a deep ravine next to their house and the dog again went crazy upon hearing whatever it was. I refused to stay any longer and I made my wife take me home.. i honestly think I was in mild shock afterward. I reported it to the area BFRO. They came out a couple of days later and took pictures and some measurements and based on my testimony, believed my sighting was legitimate. I still get haunted by it even all these years later.I know what i saw and have always said, i would take a lie detector test... it made a true believer out of me...nobody will ever change my mind."

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